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20 Years Of Experience On Baby Dolls

Our dream began several years ago when our founding members became involved with a children’s charity and saw the joy these dolls could bring. They saw the potential they had to add light to the lives of many more people. Since the first time we entered this industry and saw one of the stunning realistic reborn dolls, we were hooked.

Now, we help others to fall in love the same way we did. From product selection to post-purchase customer service, we believe in attention to detail.

We now cater to children, seniors, families, and individuals who want to experience the warmth and love of having a baby to care for. Whether you are looking for one special reborn baby or you are a collector of these beautiful designs, the ILBaby team is here to match you with the perfect reborn dolls.

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What Is ILBaby?

ILBaby is one of the premier suppliers of realistic reborn babies and toddler dolls in China. We work with the most talented and advanced artists and manufacturers in the business to ensure the best quality products for our customers.

The inspiration behind the company has always been bringing joy to people through unique and unparalleled realistic models. We decided to launch our own website so we could personally decide on the dolls and artists, as well as create a customer-focused friendly atmosphere for you as a client to enjoy.

Our website is not a toy shop: it is a collection of high-quality realistic reborn babies and toddler dolls. We are proud of the products we offer and are passionate about the art form. The ILBaby community is all about love and joy, which is why we care so much about these baby dolls and our customers who buy them.

About Our Products

We primarily sell reborn baby dolls, Princess Toddler dolls, and mini silicone dolls. The team we work with to create, select, and sell these incredible creations are all at the top of their game and are leading experts in their fields.

The reborn dolls are painted by hand-selected extremely talented artists to ensure perfection every time. They are also thoroughly inspected for any defects before packaging and shipping. ILBaby promises quality in every product, and we ensure that quality personally every time.

You can find out more specific information about the products we sell on the ILBaby home page.

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What Is Our Brand Promise?

Our promise is to treat every order like the first one. We understand that these dolls are special purchases that carry a lot of individual meaning to our buyers, so we do all we can to make every purchase special.

At ILBaby, we already know we sell the best of the best. What makes us different is the personalized experience and care from our expert team.

In summary, ILBaby is the best place to buy reborn baby dolls and preemie reborn babies and newborn dolls. We are the best because of our premium products, expert partners, and unique understanding of what these reborn dolls mean to people.

Our team has worked in the industry for many years. We know all there is to know. We use this knowledge to provide the best shopping experience for you.